Minecon 2015 breaks record in largest conference for a video game

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Minecon 2015

Over 10,000 tickets were sold for the Minecon 2015 event in London. This makes this the biggest convention in the record for a single video game, and has earned a Guinness World Record. According to The Independent, the Minecon 2015 convention had an audience from over 73 countries. Some even came from as far as  New Zealand. A Guinness World Record representative was present at the event to give an award to Mojang's brand manager Lydia Winters. The representative said,

"The record you have received is for the largest convention for a single video game—that’s Minecon 2015: 10,000 tickets sold. All that’s left for me to say is that Minecon, you are officially amazing." 

A number of new features for Minecraft were announced during the event, including story mode, ability to wield two tools, shields, as well as some new Minecraft: Pocket Edition features.

If for some reason you have only just learned about Minecraft, it is a blocky sandbox game created in 2009 by Markus "Notch" Persson. Players must cut down trees and mine stone to gather resources to build their house and survive. Or, if you prefer just building, there's creative mode with no death and unlimited resources. The game is available for both PC and Windows Phone, as well as many other platforms. 

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