Mike Ybarra offers preview of new Xbox Game Pass section

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Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has tweeted a sneak peek at a small redesign of the ‘Games & apps’ section of the Xbox One operating system built to better display Xbox Live Gold content and the newly announced Xbox Game Pass service.

As can be seen, the new section will be located just above ‘Updates’ and features a very clean design. Ybarra is quick to note in his tweet that this isn’t the final design and that the public version will likely appear different than what is shown here.

Xbox Game Pass was announced earlier today and is an upcoming monthly subscription service that works in a similar way to Netflix wherein Microsoft will provide users with access to a wide variety of media to consume. In this case, the media access will include at least 100 Xbox 360 and Xbox One video games with titles leaving and being added to the available list each month. Starting membership is going to be around US$10 though that will likely change depending on geographical region. The service is currently being trialled with some Xbox Insiders members before the proper public launch in the near future.

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