Mike Ybarra: E3 had too many games, but new features are coming to Xbox

During Microsoft's Xbox E3 briefing, there were a lot of announcements - both the unveiling of the company's next console, Xbox One X, but also of a chest full of new Xbox games, updates to existing games, and the announcement of Original Xbox Backward Compatibility.

What we didn't get much of however, was talk of any new features coming to Xbox, Xbox Live or the Dashboard. When asked on Twitter, Mike Ybarra has confirmed that new features will be coming to Xbox, but that E3 had "too many games," saying that they're saving the new features for now, however, they will "talk about it soon":

It's unclear what these new features could be. One hope would be for the Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games to finally be properly integrated into the Xbox Store. Other than that, we'll have to wait and see.

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