Mike Wendland, "PCMike", breaks down Five Things to Know About Windows 10 Now in his latest podcast

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Mike Wendland breaks down Five Things to Know About Windows 10 Now in his latest podcast

Mike Wendland is an author and a tech journalist with 20 Emmy Awards to his name. His book titles include The Complete No Geek-Speak Guide to the Internet, The Wired Journalist and more. His TV series of news reports, “PCMike TV”, is sent out to every NBC affiliate, 215 in all. He’s an expert in research and information gathering through the internet and even spent three weeks teaching journalists to use the internet in Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt.

In addition to his television and writing work, he also hosts his own podcast on PCMike.com. In his latest episode, he goes through “Five Things to Know About Windows 10 Now.” I had the opportunity to appear on the show and discuss those five things, namely, the Start Menu, Cortana, tablet and desktop modes, the combined Windows Store, and Windows as a service. You can listen to it here.

You can find the show on his website along with a wide variety of other tech related content. His podcasts are directed towards listeners who aren’t experts in tech. The phrase “no geek speak” is used regularly so if you know someone who uses technology but doesn’t need to know the detailed ins and outs, you should direct them to his show. You can also find his podcast on iTunes and various podcast apps.

If you are interested in listening to more content on Microsoft and Windows, we also have the WinBeta Podcast every week.

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