Time Warner Cable to bring more than 300 TV channels to Xbox 360 in new Microsoft partnership

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Timer Warner Cable

While Microsoft's next generation gaming console, the Xbox One, is deservedly getting all the media coverage as of late, its current and longstanding gaming console, the Xbox 360, is not in oblivion. Today, the devices and services giant, in partnership with cable provider Time Warner, will bring up to 300 TV Channels to those with an Xbox Live Gold membership through the new Timer Warner TV app.

Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business, refers to the new partnership as exciting for Xbox users. “I’m excited to announce, alongside our good friends at Time Warner Cable, that the TWC TV app has launched on Xbox 360 today, delivering up to 300 of the most popular TV channels to Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. who are also TWC subscribers,” writes Yusuf in the blog post.

Even before this new partnership was announced, the Xbox 360 had a pretty solid catalog of TV shows and all sorts of digital content making it the arguably the best entertainment hub in the living room. In term of usage, people spend more time consuming digital entertainment content than actually than playing a game on the Xbox 360 according to Microsoft.

“With the TWC TV app, your Xbox 360 becomes a voice-enabled entertainment console, instantly extending your TWC subscription to other TVs and rooms in your house: The gamer in your house can take a Halo break to watch their favorite shows on HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, FX and tons more without picking up the TV remote. Or, your kids can watch Nickelodeon in the den through your cable set-top box while you’re glued to the final episodes of Breaking Bad on AMC through the TWC TV app on your Xbox,” adds Yusuf.

Microsoft is also promising to make the experience even better with the addition of on-demand shows sometime during the fall. It is also guaranteed that the app will be available for the Xbox One. If you are an Xbox 360 user, it is definitely exciting news to know that Microsoft is not ready to give up on the longstanding gaming console even with the imminent release of the Xbox One.

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