Latest Microsoft Edge Dev build brings improvements for the PDF reader, PWAs, sleeping tabs, and more

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge Dev

The latest Microsoft Edge Dev release is here, and right on time for the mid-week schedule. Now up to version 91.0.838.3, there are some changes to take note of this week. This release brings improvements for the PDF reader, sleeping tabs, and more. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

First off, we have the new features. The PDF mini menu now has two options. Now, when you highlight a word, you’ll now see an option to search for that word or to define it. Those two options have been promoted from the full context menu due to common use. As for the Sleeping Tabs feature, there’s now a setting to control whether or not Sleeping Tabs appear faded. See below for other new features.

  • Added the ability to open the Favorites, History, etc. management pages by clicking the Favorites, History, etc. name at the top of their respective popup menus.
  • Added a notification to switch profiles when a website or PWA is installed in one browser profile and you try to install the same one again in another profile. Note that this has been rolling out over the past few weeks, and is now enabled by default.
  • Added a management policy to control if Application Guard Traffic Identification is Enabled, which controls if Application Guard windows send extra headers to identify to web pages that they’re being showing in an Application Guard window. Note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not have occurred yet.

As usual, there are reliability improvements and the changed behaviors to take note of, too. Microsoft fixed the crash on startup that occurs if Edge has allowed websites to send desktop notifications. Also fixed is a crash when navigating to file: URLs. Peek below for some other things that changed in this release and please see the full list here at Microsoft.

  • Fixed an issue on Mac where Kids Mode sometimes crashes on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where videos on Netflix sometimes fail to play with error D7353.
  • Fixed an issue where copying text out of Information Protected PDFs causes a crash.
  • Fixed a browser crash when entering Kids mode.
  • Fixed an issue where a notification is shown to restart Edge in order to install an update, even though there’s no update available to install.
  • Fixed an issue where importing data from other browsers sometimes fails.
  • Fixed an issue where portions of the Web Widget sometimes becomes invisible when switching browser profiles or themes.
  • Fixed an issue where certain portions of webpages sometimes don’t render or work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where permission prompts from certain websites appear too small or cut off.

Finally, for the known issues. These are the same as the past releases with no new ones to note. Microsoft, though, does mention that they are aware of a strange issue where people might see the Edge UI in an unexpected langugage. If you’re experiencing this, you should consider posting to the Microsoft Edge Tech community.

Happy downloading! And please do remember to submit your feedback to Microsoft on these releases. It helps make Microsoft Edge great for everyone.