Microsoft's Yammer finally gets an embeddable 'Share Button'

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Microsoft's yammer finally gets an embeddable 'share button'

You have probably noticed share buttons on websites; the common ones are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google Plus. Now Yammer can potentially join the list. Microsoft owned Yammer is an enterprise focused social network that provides a private social experience for teams and organizations. Microsoft has now released 'The Yammer Share Button' to enable faster collaboration.

You can use the button to share to your network, or specific groups or coworkers. You can see the button in action on Microsoft's Customer Success Center and Blog. To embed the button on your own site, Microsoft has provided a very simple code, accessible here. 

Yammer share button in action

One of the commentators on Yammer's blog noted that the size of the Yammer button is 'huge,' with some formatting trouble and no way to resize. Microsoft has offered a quick fix in the comments (making a CSS class for the button), with a promise of a fix coming soon.

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