Microsoft's Xbox Surface to be the company's new 7-inch gaming tablet powered by ARM?

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A new report indicates that Microsoft is working on its own 7-inch gaming tablet called the Xbox Surface. According to the report, initial hardware planning for the Xbox Surface is currently underway and Microsoft is planning on running a custom Windows kernel on the Xbox Surface.

Microsoft's xbox surface to be the company's new 7-inch gaming tablet powered by arm? - onmsft. Com - november 6, 2012

"Microsoft is building its own 7-inch gaming tablet. Multiple sources familiar with plans within Redmond have confirmed to The Verge that initial hardware planning for an Xbox Surface is underway. Specifications for an Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet computing device leaked back in June ahead of Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface Pro announcement. We're told that the initial specs were accurate and that the final implementation is being worked on," the report states. There has yet to be any official confirmation from Microsoft but if this is true, we could see a custom ARM processor built for the Xbox Surface as well as high-bandwidth RAM designed just for gaming. According to the report, Microsoft is developing the Xbox Surface independent of specific hardware architecture. Last June, we learned that the Xbox Surface would be some sort of companion device for the Xbox console. And just recently, we got our hands on the SmartGlass, which could play a role in the Xbox Surface. More on this as it develops.

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