Microsoft’s Xbox One selling like hot cakes, breaks pre-order records at Blockbuster

Xbox One

Microsoft’s new Xbox One entertainment console was recently revealed during an event on May 21st. Several outlets, such as and Microsoft Store online, had the entertainment console up for pre-order notification immediately after the launch. Now, it appears that one outlet has already broken pre-order records!

UK retailer BlockBuster is reporting that the new Xbox One console has broken all pre-order records that have been set in the company’s 24 year history. It appears that Microsoft’s new console is already selling like hot cakes.

“We are delighted by the huge number of pre-orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console. At Blockbuster, we have a fantastic array of adrenaline-fuelled console games for sale or rental. Our expert staff know gaming and they know consoles and these pre-orders are testament to our customers’ trust in us as a leading gaming retailer,” Blockbuster’s head of games James Morton stated.

Microsoft has yet to reveal full details on the Xbox One and is expected to reveal more during the E3 Entertainment Expo this June. We are all still in the dark when it comes to the launch date of the console, although we were told “later this year”, nor do we know what the price will be. However, one thing’s for certain, it appears that the Xbox One is going to be a big hit!

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