Microsoft’s Xbox One up for pre-order in India, exclusive to Amazon India

Microsoft's Xbox One up for pre-order in India, exclusive to Amazon India

Microsoft is finally prepping for Xbox One’s launch in India. The company has partnered with country’s leading e-commerce company Amazon India to be the exclusive retailer for the gaming console.

While some might find the e-commerce route a bit hazy, as the company might do better with traditional brick and mortar stores way, this move by Microsoft is rather understandable. The company had a grand launch for the Xbox 360 in 2006, but it didn’t fare well.

Amazon India is already one of the dominating e-retailers in the nations. The shopping portal brings a huge chunk of traffic, and it might help Microsoft get a larger audience. However, down the line, the Amazon Indian exclusivity could end.

You can head over to Amazon India and pre-order a Xbox One with Kinect bundle for Rs 45,990 ($765) or pre-purchase the Kinect-less bundle for Rs 39,990 ($665). While we are yet to learn day one exclusive titles, Amazon India is offering Rs 10,000 ($160) worth of freebies. The freebies include backpacks, Blurays, speakers etc. The console will start shipping on September 23rd. 

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