Microsoft's Xbox One reportedly outsells Sony's PlayStation 4 during the month of April

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Microsoft's Xbox One outsells Sony's PlayStation 4 in April

Microsoft’s Xbox One console continues to sell well with some impressive growth this year. In February the Xbox One gained an impressive 84 percent growth in sales compared to the previous month and while March saw an overall industry drop of 6 percent in console sales, things have certainly picked up again in April with press release from Microsoft claiming the Xbox One outsold Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Xbox Marketing, Mike Nichols had the following to say. “As the best-selling console in the U.S. in April, fans set record April sales and engagement for Xbox One last month. Xbox One console sales in the U.S. increased 63 percent in April 2015 compared to April 2014 and Xbox Live comparisons showed the number of active global users (Xbox One and Xbox 360) grew 24 percent.”

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s online gaming and media service and while its inclusion here may seem random at first, it shows that not only are people buying the Xbox One but are also actively using it and purchasing games and other media which further increases Microsoft’s profit margin.

The NPD Group should be releasing exact sales figures soon.

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