Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab to go offline next month in preparation of a 2021 revamp

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Design Lab

During the official reveal of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console accessories that are due out later this year, Microsoft also announced that their Xbox Design Lab service would be shutting down on October 14th with an expected reopening expected sometime in 2021.

The aim of this shutdown seems to be to revamp the service for the next generation of Xbox controllers with the redesign being described as the “next evolution” of Xbox Design Lab.

While the new Xbox controllers are pretty similar to the existing ones, they do feature some minor design changes such as the inclusion of a new dedicated share button. It makes sense that whatever system Microsoft uses for the Design Lab would need to be upgraded somewhat.

Those thinking of ordering custom controllers before the end of the year are encouraged to place their orders on the Xbox Design Lab website before October 14th. It should be noted though that any orders made before then will get the existing controllers which do work with Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles, Windows 10 devices, and smartphones but won’t have any of the improvements added to the newer model launching in November.

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