Microsoft's Xbox Chatpad hitting the streets on November 3

At Gamescom this past August, Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox Chatpad for Xbox One Controllers. The mini keyboard attachment for Xbox works similarly to the Xbox 360’s Chatpad. It allows users to type messages through a small QWERTY keyboard at the bottom of their Xbox controller rather than scrolling through the on screen keyboard and painfully selecting letters, numbers and symbols one by one.
The Chatpad is a significant improvement for those who want to use social media and messaging features on their Xbox, as well as helps ease the process of typing in game codes (unless you have a Kinect, which can capture game codes by simply scanning QR Codes). The new Xbox Chatpad also comes with a few helpful dedicated buttons to allow you to access your friends list, games list, adjust the volume, and two buttons which will be fully programmable with a future update. It can also activate the Game DVR with a touch of a button and comes with the Xbox Chat Headset. Additionally, the Chatpad will work with Windows 10 if you have the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10.
The Xbox Chatpad will be available tomorrow, November 3rd, for the price of $39.99, and is being sold online by Amazon and Best Buy in addition to Microsoft. If you are interested in being able to more easily type messages on your Xbox, then this is a great attachment for your Xbox One Controller. But, don’t forget that Phil Spencer previously stated that keyboard and mouse support aren’t far away, most likely at some point after the Windows 10 update for Xbox one due this fall.
Update: Microsoft was promising November 3 availability when we posted this story a little while ago. Now, however, although the "release date" is still listed as November 3, availability is pushed out to November 12. Looks like Microsoft has changed the date. We'll provide clarification as we get it, but for now you can get your preorder on here.

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