Microsoft’s Xbox 360 used more for entertainment rather than gaming

A new report is suggesting that Microsoft’s popular Xbox 360 video game console is now used more for watching movies, TV shows, and listening to online music, rather than playing video games. There are now 36 different entertainment services available on the console.

Yusuf Mehdi, who heads up marketing and strategy for Microsoft’s Xbox business, states that a typical Xbox 360 owner will spend an average of 84 hours a month on Xbox Live online services playing games, watching videos, and listening to music. “What we’re seeing is that people are turning on the Xbox to play games and then keeping it on afterwards to get other types of entertainment,” Mehdi said.

Microsoft has added several new entertainment applications to the Xbox 360 in recent years, including Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, HBO Go, Major League Baseball, and Comcast Corp,’s Xfinity on demand video service. The total number of music, television, and movie services available on the Xbox 360 now totals 36.

And here are some cool statistics. More than 20 million people are Xbox Live subscribers and over 66 million Xbox 360s have been sold worldwide to date.

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