Microsoft’s WordFlow for iOS is testing new predictive features for its next big update

Word Flow on iOS. Photo Credit: The Verge
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While perhaps a bitter pill to swallow for devout Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts, Microsoft has pressed on with parsing out key features of its mobile platform to other competing smartphone options.

The sense of betrayal for loyal Windows phone fans began with Bing Search landing on iOS and eventually Android, followed by Cortana arriving at both platforms and the most recent Windows Phone/ Windows 10 Mobile feature decoupling came in the form of its WordFlow keyboard being shipped to iOS, once again.

With iOS adopting 3rd party keyboard implementations, Microsoft’s predictive WordFlow keyboard may feel right at home for some recent Windows phone converts.

Now, roughly five months after its arrival on iOS, the guys and gals responsible for the app are looking to bolster its functionality with new a big update.

  • Search for GIFs, images, and emojis to better express yourself
  • Find Contacts – when you need to share that person’s phone number
  • Look up restaurants, news, videos, facts, weather forecasts, and much more
  • New predictions, including GIFs: icons that show up as you type along with word suggestions that can help you express yourself better.
  • Control the cursor placement with 3D Touch
  • Accuracy improvements, particularly around space bar, and in arc mode
  • Support for iOS Text Replacement function
  • New themes!

All in all, the new update looks to be a rather impressive feat in predictive texting for on board keyboards, regardless of operating system. Unfortunately, with WordFlow being a Microsoft Garage project, there is little to no information as to when or if this sort of functionality will ever make its way to Windows 10.

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