Microsoft’s Windows Timeline feature comes to Google’s Chrome browser

Brad Stephenson

Web Activities Google Chrome extension from Microsoft

Browsing history from users of the Google Chrome browser can now sync to Microsoft’s Windows Timeline feature with the new Web Activities Chrome Extension that launched today.

The browser plug-in is completely free to install and only requires a Microsoft Account to use. Once enabled, browser activity will sync via the cloud to connected Windows 10 PCs and tablets and Android devices with Microsoft Launcher installed.

See your browsing activities across all your devices in surfaces like Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android.
With this extension, your browsing history will appear across all your devices in surfaces such as in Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android. Just sign in with your Microsoft account, select a site you’ve recently visited, and pick up where you left off.

Windows Timeline is a relatively new feature which displays app and internet activity chronologically. You can see it in action on a Windows 10 computer by swiping up with three fingers on the trackpad or by pressing the Windows key and Tab at the same time.

Browser activity on different devices can also sync to Windows Timeline by using the Microsoft Edge browser. Support for more apps is apparently on the way.

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