Microsoft's Windows Store now has over 35,000 apps, reaches a new milestone

Microsoft's windows store now has over 35,000 apps, reaches a new milestone - onmsft. Com - december 28, 2012

For those keeping track, Microsoft's Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT has reached a new milestone. Now containing over 35,000 apps worldwide, the Windows Store has achieved this number in just two months, compared to the Windows Phone Store, which took it a year to reach over 35,000 apps.

Of the 35,000+ apps in the Windows Store, the US market will see over 22,500 apps. It is unknown if this number takes into account all those apps that are similar and placed in multiple categories.

To put things in perspective, there were only 3,600 apps in the Windows Store just three weeks before Windows 8's launch. There were also over 20,500 apps in the Windows Store this time last month. This is great news for the platform as it shows that developers are taking interest and creating apps for Windows 8/RT. On a side note, we are also posting Windows Store app highlights every week highlighting an app from the Windows Store and you can check that out here. Also, check out our very own Windows 8/RT app too!

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