Microsoft's Windows Phone team reflects on 2012, says they "set a new foundation"

Windows Phone 8

In a new blog post on the Windows Phone Developer blog, Microsoft reflects on its accomplishments for the year 2012. "We literally set a new foundation this year with the deployment of all-new infrastructure – new client platform, new developer toolset, new Dev Center, new catalog infrastructure, and all-new global service," Microsoft proudly announced in the blog post.

Microsoft has focused on consumer experience by making it so consumers can download, buy, and use more apps now more than ever compared to two years ago when the company first launched Windows Phone 7. Microsoft adds that one average, Windows Phone users have downloaded 54 apps each to personalize their experience.

Microsoft has created opportunity for developers by releasing a new developer platform for Windows Phone 8 and sharing that core with Windows 8. This provides an opportunity for innovation, customer reach, and monetization for developers. Microsoft has seen an increase in developer revenue, almost 40% in the past 30 days, all thanks to the release of Windows Phone 8 SDK.

Microsoft continues to tout its Windows Phone 8 platform as the premiere platform for developer opportunity and suggests new developers visit the Windows Phone Dev Center to download the new SDK to get started. "..for those of you who have made the journey with us, I want to say thank you on behalf of the entire Windows Phone team. Your feedback drives us and your apps inspire us," Microsoft adds.

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