Windows Phone drops to 1.14% in market share as of April 2013, BlackBerry climbs to 1.51%


Windows Phone market share April 2013

New data has been revealed by NetApplications for the month of April 2013, so lets take a look at how well Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has fared. When compared to the month of March 2013, Windows Phone has actually dropped by 0.36% in market share.

Some bad news here for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform as the operating system has dropped to 1.14% in market share, down by 0.36%. This is a big drop considering that Windows Phone was gaining in market share as of March 2013. But for April 2013, the figures are not too considerate.

Windows Phone is not the only one that dropped in mobile market share. Apple’s iOS dropped to 59.04%, from 61.41% the previous month. Google’s Android claimed 26.02%, on the other hand, up from the previous month’s 24.85%. BlackBerry snagged a 1.51% market share, up from 1.38% the previous month.

Windows Phone is still, on the other hand, behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS in terms of market share. BlackBerry has once again come out on top of Windows Phone, at least according to data from NetApplications.