Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Samsung to partner up, take on BlackBerry in the enterprise market

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Windows Phone 8

Look’s like Microsoft wants to take on RIM’s BlackBerry head-on in the enterprise market by partnering with Samsung to release Windows Phones for enterprise/business users. Microsoft is planning on pitching ideas to Samsung once the company is ready.

“Business is very important to us – [WP8] sits really well with SMBs. There are a lot of BlackBerry customers that are looking at other options, the full integration with Windows 8 makes sense and is cost effective for them. Everyone will be affected by BB10, it’s just a question of what that effect will be. It’s a big market though and there should be enough room for both of us. From our perspective, we will be trying to stay neutral with the manufacturers. We will be doing joint stuff with Samsung, as we do with HTC and Nokia, as soon as they are ready,” Microsoft’s Rikke Rasmussen, Head of B2B marketing on the Windows Phone team stated.

RIM is planning on launching BlackBerry 10, a complete overhaul of the operating system, in order to satisfy business customers. Only time will tell if Microsoft and Samsung can offer something new to businesses than BlackBerry doesn’t already offer.

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