Microsoft's Windows Blue and new Intel Haswell chip will have a close connection -
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Microsoft's Windows Blue and new Intel Haswell chip will have a close connection


We have all heard about Windows Blue, Microsoft's upcoming update to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, aimed to offer numerous improvements especially with power efficiency in tablets and mobile devices. Now, a new report claims that Intel and Microsoft will have a close connection when it comes to Windows Blue.

According a new report, Intel's upcoming Haswell chip will be tied to the new technology in Windows Blue to offer better battery performance in tablet and mobile devices. Windows Blue and Intel's new Haswell chip will provide a great combo and help boost tablet and laptop designs as well as sales.

According to Intel CEO Paul Otellni, Intel's new Haswell technology will result in the "single largest generation-to-generation battery life improvement in Intel history" which brings high hopes for those who want longer battery life on mobile devices. Having Windows Blue on this new Intel chip will allow the operating system to act more like a smartphone or tablet operating system, the report adds.

"You'll be able to buy an ultrabook that's as wickedly fast as you can imagine, faster than an Ivy Bridge PC. But with longer battery life. It will sleep longer [and] when you open the lid, your mail's going to already be in sync. So, you'll get the best of all of those worlds. And that's work that's coming in [Windows] Blue," the report added. Intel's Haswell chip will be the successor to the Ivy Bridge chip.

Microsoft is apparently also working on building a "power model" that will adapt to a range of mobile computers with different "performance outputs."

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