Microsoft’s Windows 8 Surface tablet spotted in the wild?

In a picture that’s floating around the internet, we see what appears to be the Windows 8 Surface tablet being used by Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky (supposedly) in a restaurant. While this hasn’t been confirmed, we do get to see the Surface tablet and it looks pretty small!

While this picture clearly points out what the Surface tablet looks like while on a restaurant table being used by an unknown person (can you sense the sarcasm?), we must wait until October 26th which is when Microsoft plans to release the Surface tablet to retail stores. Based on the screenshot, we see the blue cover which doubles as a thin keyboard for the Surface tablet. We can also see what appears to be IE10, based on the search/url bar that is seen in the image. Steven Sinofsky is also seen here wearing the same outfit as his Surface. Anyone excited about the Surface tablet?

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