Microsoft’s vision of the future is ultra-light, tablet heavy

Microsoft has released a six minute video that shows our future surrounded by ultra-light tablets. The idea behind the video is to show us how new and unfolding technology will create a huge impact in our lives in the near future.

“We create these videos to help tell the story we see unfolding in technology, and how it will impact our lives in the future. The video shows our vision for a future where technology extends and highlights our productive capabilities; it helps us manage our time better, focus our attention on the most important things, and foster meaningful connections with the people we care about,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft continues to mention that the video is based on real technology, including such capabilities as speech recognition, real time collaboration, and data visualization.

Microsoft suggests that we all watch the video to see how technology moves from a passive tool to a more active assistant. Technology can help us get things done and strengthen our interactions with one another. Well, watch the video and you be the judge. Post your feedback in the comments below.

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