Microsoft’s tablet OS not due until late 2012?

Looks like Microsoft isn’t planning on competing head-to-head with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android powered tablets any time soon. Microsoft plans on entering the tablet wars long after Apple and Google have had exposure in the market.

From what Bloomberg reports, those that are familiar with Microsoft’s tablet strategy are saying that Microsoft doesn’t plan on releasing an operating system specifically for tablets until the “2012 back to school season.” This means we might have to wait until July of 2012 for a tablet OS.

In case you are hoping to get your hands on an alpha or beta build, you might get your chance at the end of this year. Those that are in-the-know are not able to release any further information and are required to keep hush as these plans have not been disclosed publicly.

This is a very interesting move on Microsoft’s part. One would think that a tablet OS released this year would benefit Microsoft’s pockets by going head to head with Apple and Google. However, releasing a tablet OS next year is kind of like running in a race that started a while ago. What is the motive behind Microsoft’s move?

There are rumors that Windows 8 will be demoed on tablets sometime this year. What is the relationship between Windows 8 and this new tablet OS? Stay tuned as we dig deeper.

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