Microsoft’s SwiftKey update frustrates Android users

Kareem Anderson

Swiftkey Android keyboard

Microsoft’s SwiftKey developers are finding themselves in a bit of hot water with their users as a recent update broke the well-reviewed keyboard experience.

Based on recent Google Play reviews, the SwiftKey update to its beta app that includes a new flow experience has since made the keyboard practically unusable for long time SwiftKey users.

For reference, the new flow experience for reason unexplained took away its predictive text feature which no longer assists a typist with what the keyboard believes is the next word in a sentence.

Instead, users are met with corrections for an already swiped word, thus complicating the process and slowing down the swiping experience as users now need to accept and tap on a suggested word to bring up predictions.

Lesser known offenses of the update also include the spacing of words and capitalization of letters that have ultimately led to users uninstalling the app in mass according to Google Play reviews.

Fortunately, the app update wasn’t released in a vacuum, and the SwiftKey team is “monitoring” the effects of the new experience with users. Hopefully, the SwiftKey team doesn’t take too much longer monitoring the situation but rather begins rolling out fixes and improvements to the keyboard before what’s left of the developer’s good will is gone.