Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard updates on iOS with new Voice Typing and GIF features

Brad Stephenson

SwiftKey keyboard on Android

The SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS devices updated to Version 2.7.0 today and brought with it support for voice dictation and a new trending GIFs category within the GIF pane.
Here’s the official release notes:

  • For those moments when you prefer to speak instead of type – we’ve added Voice Typing to your SwiftKey Keyboard. If you’ve selected English as your language option, just tap on the microphone icon to get started and begin dictation. Tip: punctuation can be inserted explicitly – e.g. try saying “new line.”
  • There’s a new addition to the GIF panel. You can now see top “trending” GIFs from your locale.

SwiftKey Keyboard is a Microsoft-owned keyboard app that’s available on iOS and Android smart devices and is one of the keyboards credited with popularising swipe typing. The Android version of SwiftKey also updated recently and added support for the Kimbundu, Kwanyama, Umbundu, Lucazi, Nyaneka, and Nyemba languages.

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‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
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