Microsoft’s Swiftkey Android keyboard reached 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey, the popular third-party keyboard for Android that Microsoft acquired back in 2016, has reached a new milestone. The app has officially been downloaded more than half a billion times on the Google Play Store.

SwiftKey is often was one of the early digital keyboards which helped in popularizing the predictive “swipe”-based typing making it easier for one-handed use. However, many digital keyboards now also incorporate this feature, and even the larger tech companies—Apple, Google, Samsung, and other—incorporate it on their stock keyboards.

SwiftKey is also known for its use of AI to accurately predict which words are going to be typed before the user has finished typing it. The app can even learn the user’s frequented use of slang, nicknames, and even emoji.

Microsoft has also incorporated numerous features in the keyboard to put it ahead of the stock offerings from Apple and Google. Recently, the company added Bing search to the keyboard, something similar to the Google button on Gboard, and added new 3D animated “Puppets” to compete with Apple’s Animoji’s on iOS.

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