Microsoft’s Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet hits the FCC, one step closer to its release


surfacepro 2

For those who have been eagerly awaiting the new Surface Pro, powered by Windows 8 Pro, we are one step closer to finally seeing this device released. According to a new report, Microsoft’s Surface Pro has made it through the FCC approval process, which simply means there is one less obstacle for the device to go though before it makes it debut in January.

Microsoft revealed, back in late-November, the pricing for the upcoming Surface Pro tablets, powered by Windows 8. While the Surface RT is powered by Windows RT, the Surface Pro is the higher end Surface with Windows 8 and can run desktop applications (x86 and x64). The Surface Pro will be available in January of 2013 and will come in two flavors, a 64GB model for $899 and a 128GB model for $999. The Surface Pro is expected to debut in January of 2013.