Microsoft’s Surface RT device seen in Japan’s Ghost In the Shell Arise anime

Surface Anime

We have been so used to seeing Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro in video advertisements that feature dancing and beat-boxing. However, in Japan, Microsoft’s Surface RT makes a cameo in the anime “Ghost in the Shell: Arise” and we have the video clip for you to check out.

The video is relatively quick and doesn’t necessarily highlight any of the devices features, nor do we see this video being used as a means of advertising the product. However, the video simply shows Microsoft’s Surface RT being used as product placement in the anime. Once you watch it, you will quickly see how different it is to the dancing/beatboxing videos we are so used to seeing.

In a related note, those in Japan are going to be the lucky ones with a chance to purchase a 256GB variant of the Surface Pro starting June 7th. There will only be two models available, the 128GB and 256GB. The 64GB will not be sold. Pricing for the devices will range from 99,800 JPY ($975 USD) for the 128GB and 19,800 JPY ($1,170 USD) for the 256GB.

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