Microsoft's Surface RT and OneNote combo makes work just a bit easier at West Suffolk College

Surface Pro

West Suffolk College, in the United Kingdom, has begun using Microsoft's Surface RT tablet devices for administration and management tasks at the school. Before the Surface RT came to save the day, administrators kept track of vital notes using a notebook and pen. Not anymore.

Angela Bingham is an Admissions and Customer Service Manager at West Suffolk College and is responsible for the application process at the school. She recently began using a Surface RT for her work-related duties and instantly fell in love with the device, paired with the OneNote app.

Bingham actually chose the Surface RT over the Apple iPad. "I had the option of having an iPad or Surface RT. And because a lot of my work is management and data, from my point of view the iPad wasn’t suitable. All my documents are in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The Surface tablet, though, has been fantastic. I take it to meetings, where I use OneNote, and I can access SharePoint documents as well as my documents on SkyDrive," Bingham added.

Another administrator at the school uses a Surface RT for his work duties at the school, paired with the OneNote app. "OneNote is very clever and just brings the touch environment to life. It’s just opened up doors for us," the school's Technical Support Manager Scott Gerber stated.

Bingham is so deeply in love with the Surface RT that she is attempting to convince everyone around her to purchase one for themselves.

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