Microsoft's Surface RT 32GB and 64GB packages coming soon to a Costco near you

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Costco Surface

According to a new report, Costco may soon be carrying the Microsoft Surface RT 32GB and 64GB models. We already know that Microsoft wants to expand the retail channels for the Surface tablet and Costco is a great way to increase product exposure and sales.

In addition to the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Staples, Costco will also carry the Surface RT. According to a leaked image, Costco will carry various packages consisting of either the 32GB or 64GB models with various touch cover colors. Costco is pretty much offering all the different colors available for the Surface RT Touch Cover. Purchasing a Surface 64GB with a touch cover from Costco will save you roughly $20 compared to other channels. No word yet on if Costco will sell the Surface Pro when it is released on February 9th, however, it would only make sense that they would. Aside from pricing, there is no date or any other details on when the Surface RT packages will be available. Until Costco officially announces anything, you should take this with a grain of salt!

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