Microsoft's Surface Pro X device gets its first firmware update a day after release

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Microsoft’s newly released Surface Pro X received its first firmware update today. Named simply “Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware Update – 11/05/2019,” this update is primarily for improving device and system stability.

Here’s the brief release notes:

  • Surface UEFI– Firmware: 3.444.140.0 improves system stability.
  • Surface System Aggregator – Firmware: improves battery performance.
  • Surface Pro X Integration – System devices: improves stability when in hibernation.
  • Microsoft SQ1 Adreno 685 GPU – Display Adapters: 26.18.800.0 improves system stability.
  • Surface Pro X Power Engine Plug-in Device: 1.0.0800.0 improves system stability.

The Surface Pro X launched just yesterday and is being touted as a leap forward for the Surface Pro line of devices but hasn’t been without its criticisms.

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