Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet fresh off the assembly line, “arriving in the coming weeks”

Surface Pro

The highly anticipated Surface Pro tablet is almost upon us. Recently, we learned that the Surface Pro had passed FCC approval. We learned about the specs and prices and how the device compared to the Surface RT. Now, in a tweet from Panos Panay, the man in charge of the Surface, we now know that the Surface Pro is off the assembly line.

“@panos_panay: On my way to the factory to check out #Surface Pro coming off the line…arriving in the coming weeks,” Panos Panay stated on Twitter.

While the Surface RT is powered by Windows RT, the Surface Pro is the higher end Surface with Windows 8 and can run desktop applications (x86 and x64). The Surface Pro will be available in January of 2013 and will come in two flavors, a 64GB model for $899 and a 128GB model for $999. A new rumor surfaced a few days ago claiming that the Surface Pro would be released January 29th. Microsoft has yet to reveal an official release date for the Surface Pro but now that we know it is off the assembly line and ready for release in the coming weeks, its only a matter of time before we get to pre-order the device! For those of you curious to see whats different when comparing the Surface Pro with the Surface RT, check out this link.

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