Microsoft’s Surface Duo becomes the perfect showcase for both Google Stadia and Project xCloud

Kareem Anderson

Out of the gate, the Microsoft Surface Duo has had a bumpy reception with the mainstream reviewer community. However, there seems to be a growing second wave of enthusiasts that are finding new ways to capitalize on a dual-screen smartphone experience.

The latest Surface Duo observations scraped from the archives of Reddit highlight how effective the device can be at being a Swiss Army-like device for gaming. Redditor kxxstarr found that the Surface Duo isn’t only set up to be a potentially useful xCloud gaming device, but that it can do so while simultaneously running competitor platform, Google Stadia.

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Following the sentiments of kxxstarr’s Reddit post, pairing both Stadia and xCloud at the same time might be a bit of overkill, but it’s a great example of some of the niche itches the Surface Duo can scratch. Furthermore, it also helps to provide a glimpse into a future where the $1,400 Duo triples as not only as a telephony device, personal computer, and AAA-playable gaming device.

Along the same lines, another Redditor going by the username luci8907 managed to replicate the beloved Nintendo DS gaming experience on their device.


In both instances, follow up questions to both posts regarding the device’s ability to output an actual playable experience were greeted with a surprisingly “well” reception.

Despite only housing half the RAM of its closest competitor, Duo engineers managed to squeeze a decent amount of processing power out of last year’s high-end chipset thus far. As more orders land in mailboxes in the coming days and weeks, it’ll be an interesting exercise to revisit the Duo’s reception with the tech enthusiast crowd to find other previously overlooked use cases for this new pocketable paradigm.

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