Microsoft’s Surface Book at 25% share and gaining fast, says new report on tablet sales

Email Twitter: @abacjourn May 12th, 2016 inNews

The Surface 3, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4 all share one thing in common— they are all considered hybrid tablets. New research which was done by 1010data, and obtained by ComputerWorld, shows off that Microsoft’s hybrid tablets (and tablets in general) are making gains this year.

The research from 1010data (a company which looks at the spending habits of consumers to analyze market share) finds that the Microsoft Surface Book increased its market share by 9% in Q1 and to second place and 25% over the same quarter last year. Additionally, ComputerWorld cites that hybrid tablets like the Surface Book accounted for 33% of all tablet sales.

The full report from 1010data is due out at a later point next week. The data, nonetheless, is very interesting and is a bright spot for Microsoft, which saw a 61% revenue increase from Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.


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