Microsoft's "Noteworthy" Surface 3 ad focuses on students in time for back to school

Sean Michael

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Microsoft's Surface 3 ad focuses on students in time for back to school

Microsoft is ramping up their advertising campaign and one of the latest editions is an ad for the Surface 3. It’s directed towards students and heavily features OneNote, Microsoft Office’s note taking program. With back to school in only a few weeks, many students will be buying a device for their upcoming studies. With that influx of shoppers, Microsoft is pushing their newest addition to the Surface line.

The ad shows off how the Surface 3 and OneNote can help students in the classroom. OneNote allows you to record lectures and also type while recording. When you play back the audio it can highlight what you were typing at that moment in the recording. It also displays taking hand written notes and converting them to text.

In addition to OneNote on the Surface 3, the ad shows off the StaffPad app for Surface that converts hand written music into sheet music and other features.

The Surface 3 is being sold to many types of customers but an obvious customer base is students. The Surface 3 has a relatively low price point, especially for what it offers, integrates well with OneNote with its stylus, and is also a solid media consumption device. If you’re interested in the Surface 3 for yourself or someone you know, you can check out our full review.