Microsoft's Steve Ballmer doesn't make the Top 50 highest rated CEOs list for 2013

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Steve Ballmer

Glassdoor has released their 2013 rankings on the highest ranking CEOs in the United States and unfortunately for Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, he didnt even make the top-50 list. The CEO with the highest rating and ranking is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg with a 99% approval rating.

Google's Larry Page has a 95% approval rating and is ranked at 11th place while Apple's CEO Tim Cook received a 93% approval rating and is ranked 18th out of 50. According to the Microsoft company review page on the Glassdoor website, Steve Ballmer has a 47% approval rating. While most of the reviews emphasize how the company is a great place for benefits but employees are not too fond of the culture or politics that take place within the organization. Glassdoor's methodology involves simply asking employees "Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?" It seems apparent that ever more employees within Microsoft are questioning Ballmer's ability to successfully lead the company and out-innovate its competitors. Hit the source link to see more rankings!

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