Microsoft's Steve Ballmer believes Android ecosystem is wild, uncontrolled, and susceptible to malware

During a recent interview, Steve Ballmer spoke about the Android ecosystem and mentioned how it was wild, uncontrolled and susceptible to malware. On top of that, Ballmer believes that the Apple ecosystem is high-priced and highly controlled. Ballmer believes that Windows Phone is in the middle and is more diverse and organized.

Microsoft's steve ballmer believes android ecosystem is wild, uncontrolled, and susceptible to malware - onmsft. Com - november 15, 2012

"As Ballmer describes Windows 8, Surface and Phone, he says that the products have been done right and the company is working very closely with developers, unlike his counterparts at Apple and Google," the report states. Either way, Ballmer believes that Windows Phone offers a more diverse and organized ecosystem compared to Apple or Google. Ballmer claims that Windows Phone was built just right and Microsoft worked closely with developers as well. According to new data revealed recently, Google's Android mobile platform has seen malware skyrocket in just one year, all thanks to the popularity of the platform. From what F-Secure is reporting, Android malware families have pretty much quadrupled. Is Ballmer right?

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