Microsoft’s software satisfaction drops in 2011, thanks to a rise in the mobile market

According to a poll conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Microsoft’s software satisfaction dropped in 2011. But why are consumers in the United States discontent with traditional PC programs? You can thank the mobile market for this.

Apparently, the mobile market has people re-thinking the way they experience technology. As we all know, mobile apps are easier to manipulate and a lot cheaper than desktop applications. This has nothing to do with a lack of quality on the deeksop side, but the fact that mobile apps are just easier to use and cheaper to buy. “We’re not finding any lapse in quality per se. It’s somewhat of a relativity game, where the mobile environment is recasting how people think of traditional software. Mobile apps are so much easier to manipulate, and they’re a lot cheaper. For 99 cents you buy an app that does some kind of very cool thing, and by comparison, traditional software looks cumbersome,” David VanAmburg, director of ACSI stated. And the rise of the mobile market has also impacted other software companies, not just Microsoft. “I don’t think this problem is only Microsoft, it’s the entire software industry. Mobile has taken a little bit of the edge off software,” VanAmburg adds.

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