Microsoft’s smartwatch may not be a smartwatch, a fitness band instead?

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We’ve known for a while now that Microsoft are working on a new wearable device, something like a smartwatch that is set to launch later this year. We already know that it will have 11 sensors, and will work with any mobile platform including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. New leaks today reveal that the smartwatch isn’t exactly a smartwatch, and that it will launch in Q4 of this year with similar pricing to that of the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

According to Paul Thurrott, the Microsoft smartwatch is more of a fitness band instead, which will track heart rate, steps taken and other ‘fitnessy’ things. It will also display phone notifications and we assume it’ll show the time too. The device will be priced the same as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which launched for $199 earlier this year.

The device will hook up with apps like Bing Health and Fitness to track all your health data. You’ll be able to check your progress via the app and the watch, so it should unify nicely. The device isn’t set to launch until the fall of this year, so we’ve got a little while to wait before consumers get their hands on the device.

The difference between the Microsoft wristband and other wearable devices is that it will work across multiple platforms. Samsung Gear only works with its smartphones, and we assume Apple’s smartwatch will be limited to iPhone, so Microsoft opening its wearable up could give it the leading edge.

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