Microsoft’s Skype to increase number of participants in a group call from 50 to 100

Brad Stephenson

Skype for iPhone app icon.

Insider build 8.66 is now available for all Skype Insiders and it features a pretty major change; added support for up to 100 participants in a group call from 50.

This build also features fixes relating to contacts, language settings, and Android devices.

Here’s the full release notes:

What’s New?

  • Up to 100 participants in the call! We have increased the limit for group calls from 50 to 100 participants!

What’s fixed?

  • The language settings automatically changed to English.
  • Favorite contacts disappeared from contact list on Windows.
  • Signing out was freezing the app on Android.
  • Uploading/downloading files on Android was not fully working.

Skype Insiders are users who have opted into early builds of the Skype software for testing before changes and features are rolled out to the general userbase several months later.

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