Microsoft's Skype-a-Thon event was a smashing success

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Microsoft shook up classrooms all over the world this year with its annual Skype-a-Thon, which connected teachers and students from all over the world. About 10 million virtual miles were traveled during the event - enough to circle the world 394 times. Students in the event used Skype to talk with scientists, visit zoos and aquariums, and connect with people from all sorts of different cultures.

The event brought together over 75 countries, marking the first time that many students have been able to make connections with so many different cultures. One student, Nathan E., noted that“Being able to converse so normally with someone so important was truly inspirational. It’s good to know that hard work can get you anywhere in life.”

Skype-a-Thon may be over for the year, but Skype in the Classroom is going to keep going strong. You can check out the website right here to see what programs they have to offer. If you're only interested in the Skype-a-Thon event, another one will be going on for next year. Keep an eye out for it!

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