Microsoft's Scroogled campaign goes after Google Play, claims it shares your personal info


Microsoft's Scroogled campaign aims to discredit Google and its services by claiming that Google shares your information without consent. Now, Microsoft is kicking its campaign into another phase and its getting dirty!

"Don't get Scroogled. You can't trust their app store, maybe you should trust Google for anything. Try Bing!" thats the message Microsoft is sending out to the world. Microsoft's latest attack on Google alleges that Google Play, the search engine giant's app store, shares your personal information that is gathered when one purchases an Android app from the Google Play store.

Microsoft continues to state that Google hands over your details to app makers without warning, and places your details in the hands on unknown third parties. This type of privacy breach, as Microsoft states, could lead to spam and online harassment.

Microsoft touts its Windows Phone Store as a platform that does not share your personal information with app makers. In fact, the Windows Store refrains from passing on sensitive information such as full name, email address, and location. Seems like this campaign is getting dirty. But the big question is, how many people have been influenced by these Scroogled advertisements?

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