Microsoft’s R Server data analytical products are now up for grabs to MSDN subscribers

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Microsoft has recently put several of its R Server analytics platform services up for grabs to MSDN subscribers. For those unfamiliar with Microsoft’s R Servers, picture them as low-cost services that allow businesses to run advanced computational analysis with machine learning capabilities for multiple platforms.

More specifically, the MSDN site sources the R servers as:

Microsoft R Server is a fast and cost-effective enterprise-class big data advanced analytics platform supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities. Microsoft R Server includes Open Source R and is fully compatible with R scripts, functions, and CRAN packages, and offers a variety of analytics capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.”

Thanks to a report from ZDNet’s Microsoft reporter, Mary Jo Foley, we now know that Microsoft has put its R Server for Hadoop on Red Hat, R Server for Teradata DB, R Server for Red Hat Linux, R Server for SuSE Linux, and its Revolution R Enterprise up on MSDN.

Mary Jo further speculates that the new R Server products listed at MSDN are part of rebranding Microsoft is conducting after several previous acquisitions and integrations. Early last year, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Revolution Analytics, and it’s believed that the R programming language the company was known for is now further supported by Microsoft and its server products.

Microsoft has yet to offer any clarification on the matter.

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