Microsoft’s Qi Lu reveals Open Mind, the “Visual Studio for Machine Learning”

Machine learning has been a bit of a big deal recently, and it doesn’t look like that’s going away. The technology is still, relatively speaking, in its infant stages and Microsoft seems extremely keen on¬†releasing the tools necessary to take advantage of it. To make machine learning technology more accessible to industry professionals, it seems like Microsoft is currently working on Open Mind Studio – what’s been called the “Visual Studio for Machine Learning.”


The slide above comes from a talk held by¬†Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Applications and Services, Qi Lu. Open Mind Studio is something of a ghost right now, with this one slide being the only place that it seems to have been spoken about so far. The folks at ZDNet had asked Microsoft to comment on what the suite could be, but they were told that the information on the slide is all that’s available right now. Chances are, we can probably look forward to getting a more formal announcement in the near future with greater details.

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