Microsoft’s Q2 2015: 6.6 million Xbox consoles sold, with strong holiday performance

Microsoft's Q2 2015: Microsoft reports 6.6 million Xbox consoles sold

Since the next-generation consoles launched from Sony and Microsoft, the two companies have been battling for the most sales, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 winning the title most of the time, until recently.

Now that Microsoft has released its FY2015 Q2 earnings report, the company has revealed that Xbox console sales have totaled 6.6 million units. That is a combination of both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The software giant hasn’t stated how many units were sold of each console model. Microsoft also revealed in the report that sales were particularly strong during the 2014 holiday period, which was to be expected.

Microsoft’s decision to unbundle the Kinect sensor from the console did them good financially and made the console price-competitive. E3 is right around the corner and Microsoft have been rumored to be working on a slim Xbox One console with a more power-efficient AMD chip inside. Will we see a launch in the near future? We’ll know soon enough. 

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