Microsoft’s Q2 2014 results: Surface revenue doubled to $893M, 3.9M Xbox One units sold, and more


Microsoft's Q2 2014 results: Surface revenue doubled to $893M, 3.9 million Xbox One units sold, and more

Microsoft unveiled their Q2 2014 results today and with that came several new figures showcasing progress for various company products and services. Notably, the Surface tablet revenue more than doubled, from $400 million during Q1 2014 to $893 million during Q2 2014. Microsoft also revealed that the Xbox One sold 3.9 million Xbox One units, along with 3.5 million Xbox 360 units during the quarter. Both amounted to a grand total of 7.4 million Xbox units sold.

To put things in perspective, Microsoft took a $900 million inventory charge for the original Surface RT back in Q4 2013. This was obviously bad news for the company. Now, with an increase in revenue for the Surface tablets, Microsoft is definitely seeing some sort of progress and hope for the tablet line – although the company has not revealed how many Surface units were sold.

Windows, on the other hand, saw a decline in sales by nearly 69% or $264 million. Microsoft attributes this to the release of Windows 8 in the prior year. Windows OEM revenue declined $109 million or 3%. Windows Phone revenue, however, saw an increase of 50% with $340 million in revenue being reflected by the increase in sales of Windows Phone licenses and an increase in mobile phone patent licensing revenue.

Microsoft also revealed that there are over 3.5 million Office 365 Home Premium subscribers. Search advertising revenue was also up by 34%, while Xbox Live transactional revenue was up more than 25%. Microsoft’s revenue for Q2 2014 totaled $24.52 billion.

Microsoft’s revenue for Q2 2014 totaled $24.52 billion

“We delivered record revenue as demand for our business offerings remains high and we made strong progress in our Devices and Consumer segment. These results reflect our focus on execution, cost discipline, and long-term shareholder value as we continue to drive the strategic transformation of the company,” Microsoft’s Amy Hood stated. She is the chief financial officer at Microsoft.

Head over to the VIA link below to see the entire Q2 2014 financial results.