Microsoft’s Power BI apps update on iOS and Android with fresh new look

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Power BI app icon.

Microsoft updated their Power BI apps on Android and iOS devices this week with a radical new design aimed to improve productivity and usability.

“Today, we’re excited to announce the public preview of the “new look” now available on Power BI Mobile. We’ve refreshed our app and introduced new experiences, adding a home page that provides quick access to your commonly used content and includes your organization brand theme, and new navigation bars that give you an easy way of navigating through the app,” Microsoft’s Maya Shenhav said in a blog post. “With the new and refreshed experiences, it’s now quicker and easier to find what you need, when you need it.”

The new design moves around quite a few elements that may take some getting used to but no one is being forced to use the new design just yet. After installing the latest app update, users will still need to opt into the new design from within the app.

Microsoft Power BI's new design.

“We re-built app navigation, implementing standard mobile navigation experience to make it easier to find your way in the Power BI mobile app,” Shenhav explains. “Now, instead of using the top left “Hamburger” menu, you have a bottom navigation bar, providing you with an easy way to swap between pages and use your preferred way to find your content. From the top bar you can access the notification center and search for Power BI content. If you want to connect (or switch) to Report Server or access the app setting page, just tap on your account avatar.”

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