Microsoft's online developer event, Connect(); //2016 begins tomorrow, here's the agenda

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Announced last month, the third online Connect() developer conference is about to begin. As of tomorrow, the virtual sessions will kick off with livestreams of keynotes, a glimpse into the future of developing with Microsoft, and in the subsequent days offer presentations and a new live training session.

Here is the basic itinerary:

  • November 16 (6:45am – 1:30pm PST) - Sctoo Gurthire, Scott Hanselman, and others will be making keynotes to begin the live stream event with a Q&A to follow through Channel 9.
  • November 17th (8:00am – 5:00pm PST) - Developer teams will present live sessions of a variety of products and services including Visual Studio, .NET, Mobile, ALM & DevOps, Azure, Intelligent App and Data, Windows, and Office.
  • November 18th (9:00am – 4:00pm PST) -Microsoft Virtual Academy and Xamarin University will provide live training on application developments for mobile, web, cloud, and data.

All of the content from Connect() will be available on-demand after the event even including the training day. Alongside those, the Microsoft plans to release 110 new videos about a wide array of topics as well as a special edition of MSDN releasing.


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