Microsoft’s online Connect(); developer conference begins soon, here’s how to watch

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If you want to hear the latest about Azure, Visual Studio, DevOps, Kubernetes and more, you may want to follow Microsoft’s Connect(); 2018 online event beginning at 10:30 am Pacific Time today (December 4th). Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud & AI will be present during the opening keynote starting at 8:30 AM PST, and there will be a lot interesting speakers during the day including GitHub CEO Nat Friedman.

The Connect();2018 keynotes are actually part of the Microsoft Azure + AI conference, which kicked off in Las Vegas and will last through December 6. You’ll be able to watch the live keynotes below:

Microsoft also plans to hold several live-coding sessions on Twitch and Mixer between 11:30 AM and 5:30PM PT, and you can learn more about the full agenda and featured speakers on this page.

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